Colorado Astrophotography Experience

Colorado Astrophotography’s mission is to connect people with nature in a healthy, creative, and curious way to appreciate all the beauty, Colorado, and our Universe have to offer.  My name is Maggie Martin and I’m a seasoned landscape photographer. Astro photography has become my most passionate element of photography.  I’m excited to share my love for astrophotography and connecting with nature in a different way, with others. 

What We’ll Do for Astrophotography Experiences (workshops)

The night photography tours are usually about 3 hours and begin within an hour after sunset.  We shoot whatever is in the sky, so if the moon is out, we shoot the moon, if the milky way is out, we shoot the milky way. All tours include photographs of the Rocky Mountains against the majestic mountain-scapes of Colorado.  If there is something specific (constellation or planet) you are wanting to capture, we can look that up and see what time of night it may be visible in the sky. Please look up moon phase and rise/set times. We can still go when the moon is out, (and get beautiful nightscapes with more stars than you can see with your eyes) it just dilutes the milky way and brightens your foreground. 

**Colorado Astrophotography operates on clear, mild nights. All experiences are weather and safety dependent.  We  analyze the weather forecasts the day of the experience and will reach out to you if a forecast is partly cloudy or worse.  It’s our intention for everyone to get the best possible experience, so we will only operate if conditions are safe and optimal for astrophotography.  More information can be found about how we base our decisions to proceed, here on our weather policy. 

We drive about 30 min into the darkness, then spend another 30min getting cameras on their best settings. After that, we head to stunning mountain views to behold what the night sky has in store.  We stay close to the car, and I teach you how to take optimal astrophotography photos. We return home with amazing photos.

What I provide:

Instruction in astrophotography and some key stargazing knowledge.  There are add- ons for transportation or equipment if needed or if you would like a friend to join you, we allow one “bring a friend” as an add on per person who books the astrophotography lesson. If you bring your own camera, please email us prior so we can make sure you have the right type of lens you need for optimal use. Also please note if you are bringing your own vehicle, Colorado does have traction laws that pertain to our locations (AWD or 4WD).


What We’ll Do for Astrophotography Photo Shoots

Astrophotography photo shoots are available without the lesson and are priced based on quantity of images and amount of locations.  Photo shoots under the stars are perfect for family photos, couples, headshots, senior portraits, or for just capturing yourself under the vast sea of stars.  We do a variety of shots including silhouettes, bokeh effect (subject in focus with a blurred background), wide angle, and use various lighting techniques.  See our pricing packages to determine what photo shoot might be best for you. Our turn around time on photos is about three weeks.


What We’ll Do for Astrophotography Date Nights

Astrophotography date nights are a private experience that are a combination of both the lesson, and the photo shoot for two people.  Folks will get all astrophotography instruction, and equipment provided for them as well as our 5 image photo shoot package.  This experience is perfect for engagements, honeymoons, anniversaries, birthdays, or date nights.  

Where we will be

We conduct two main tour locations on Guanalla Pass and Loveland Pass for our workshops and photo shoots. The Guanella Pass location operates on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Loveland Pass location operates on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The base price for the tour is just for the tour and photo lesson. You can choose to add on equipment rentals and transportation for the tour as needed. We also include options to bring additional guests who just want to enjoy the stars and photoshoots of your experience. Mostly our locations will be safety, weather and forecast dependent. Maps of permitted areas available in our Policies and Procedures section. 

We are also happy to meet you anywhere you might be (within reason) where you are permitted to be, so if you want to meet in a mountain town you are visiting, we are usually willing to meet up with you where you are (depending on scheduling). We do charge for transportation and accommodation if it is outside of our 50 mile radius.  Be mindful that we operate under specific permits, so inviting us to come out of our standard tour areas will require additional permitting and time to plan so get with us as soon as possible if this is something of interest to you.  We also ask that requests for small bookings requesting us to travel outside of our typical tour areas happen on a weeknight (Tuesday-Thursday) since we accommodate larger scheduled bookings on the weekend. 


If mountain driving scares you, just let me know and we can keep it nice and slow. I’m happy to accommodate any concerns you may have. My goal is to have fun too!

COVID 19: We are respectful of all different perspectives of the COVID 19 virus. We are committed to operating per Colorado state policy and procedures around social distancing, sanitization, and health and safety. We happily support any other comfort requests you may have such as taking your own car, bringing your own drinks, or whatever you might like. Our goal is to provide a relaxing experience to engage in a healthy and loving moment.

Read our full refund policy here

Group Experiences

We are happy to accommodate large groups at a discount, such as: corporate team building events, adolescent campouts, travel tours, etc. Contact us ( directly with large group requests.  We offer a discount for groups of 6 or more. 

Gift Cards

We are happy offer gift cards for whatever amount you would like, which can be applied to any type of experience. Contact us ( directly to purchase. 

"I have done a lot of Airbnb experiences and generally have a great experience, but this was on a completely different level. I wish I could give this more than five stars! Maggie has such a passion for star field photography! And she knows exactly where to go. She took care of everything. All we had to bring was a memory card. We got the most amazing pictures we’ve ever taken! AND we feel like we made a friend in the meantime! Just wow!"

Frequently Asked Questions

Nope! There is an option to add transportation on to any tour for an additional fee.

I’m happy to reschedule or refund due to the weather.

Yes, there will be less stars if the moon is out, but the moon lights up the scenery very well.  We can get stars on any clear night. You can learn more about what to expect during different cycles of the moon over on my blog. 

Not at all! Beginners are definitely welcome on astrophotography experiences. 

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