Stargazing Photo Shoot Experience

Proposal Under the Stars
Astrophotography Photoshoot

Bring your partner for a special evening catered and photographed in the mountains. This is the perfect experience for proposals, anniversaries, and couple’s photos. We stop at various private overlooks in the mountains where you enjoy a beverage, a dessert, and whatever else we can provide to make the experience special. We will also photograph the experience so that you can reflect on your date night under the stars. What better way to experience a love that’s out of this world.

What We’ll Do

We will meet in the mountains near Idaho Springs, Georgetown, (about 30 min from Denver) or anywhere in Colorado you would like that provides the landscape you are looking for. We will plan the entire experience prior so that if it’s a surprise engagement we can begin the experience as a stargazing experience and I’ll be sure to have everything set up as planned for it to be the perfect experience. We will tour several different locations and take a variety of pictures under the stars and Milky way. 

What I’ll Provide

Anything that will make your experience with your loved one special. We can go over special requests separate but the basic package includes transportation, 15-20 minute shoot at each location, champagne, dessert, and cozy props like heated blankets, roses, and candles. We can also swap out the champagne/dessert for an interactive astrophotography lesson. 

Where we will be

Jeep trails in Colorado have been some of my favorite day adventures. We will go anywhere to jeep goes! After all our time here, we know the best camp grounds, the best parks, and the best “off the beaten path” backroads. Since it mostly depends on the weather and the season, it is hard to be specific- but the Rocky Mountains, Lakes, Meteor showers, and the like are all on the agenda.


COVID 19: We are respectful of all different perspectives of the COVID 19 virus. We are committed to operating per Colorado state policy and procedures around social distancing, sanitization, and health and safety. We happily support any other comfort requests you may have such as taking your own car, bringing your own drinks, or whatever you might like. Our goal is to provide a relaxing experience to engage in a healthy and loving moment.

If mountain driving scares you, just let me know and we can keep it to paved roads. I’m happy to accommodate any concerns you may have. My goal is to have fun too!

Also, if you are vacationing in the mountains, I’m willing to meet you there.

If you would like to learn astrophotography, I offer astrophotography experiences as well.

Read our full refund policy here.

Gift Cards

We are happy offer gift cards for whatever amount you would like, which can be applied to any type of experience. Contact us ( directly to purchase. 

"Maggie was a great photographer and teacher. She showed us really cool effects and tricks to getting the perfect picture. My girlfriend and I were very comfortable with the setting and ride to the mountains. Her energy is bright and welcoming and made the over all experience something we cherish for the rest of our lives. I will definitely do this again!

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course, I’m happy to arrange flowers, dessert, champagne, a cozy bachelor style “date night” under the stars scenario.

The star gazing photo shoot includes stops at gorgeous mountain locations and digital images of you and your loved one or bestie.

Star gazing photo shoots are for anyone and everyone! We’re happy to photograph couples, besties, families, anyone!