Refund Policy

Colorado Astrophotography’s primary focus in the guest experience is safety.  Weather in Colorado can be unpredictable and fleeting, so we determine the conditions of the experience on the day/morning of, to see if conditions are optimal for astrophotography.  If conditions are partly cloudy or worse, we will reach out with options for guests to resume (if it’s safe such as a partly cloudy night with a chance of getting clear), reschedule, or refund whichever the guest prefers.  There are at times other conditions that interfere outside of weather such as wildfire haze, wind, or road closures and we do everything possible to navigate these circumstances, but will cancel if these interfere in a way that would make the experience unsafe.  We will always cancel an experience if lightning is present in the form of thunderstorms or heat lightning since we will be above the treeline with metal tripods. If a guest needs to cancel, we will honor cancellations up to 72hrs (3 days) prior to the experience.  If a guest cancels and it is less than 72hrs prior to their experience, they may reschedule or receive a credit, but will not be refunded.  It is rare, but we will also cancel if there are safety concerns demonstrated in any fashion prior to the experience such as:  asking to use drugs during an experience, being rude, noncompliant, or disrespectful, accessing areas that we are not permitted to go, bringing weapons,  or are noticeably intoxicated or demonstrating unsafe behavior.  We reserve the right to terminate the experience at any time without refund for safety concerns of any nature prior or during the experience.  

Reasons we refund:

  • Weather, partly cloudy or worse
  • Wildfire Smoke/Haze
  • Lightening of any type
  • Safety concerns
  • Guest cancels 72 hours prior to experience

Reasons we don’t refund:

  • Cold  (We anticipate cold mountain conditions and rarely will cancel due to temperature).
  • Altitude – We expect that you understand that it’s cold and we will be going to mountain summits.  
  • Guest cancels less than 72 hours prior to experience
  • Safety concerns related to guest behavior
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