About Maggie:

My name is Maggie Martin and I run Colorado Astrophotography.  I specialize in all things related to astrophotography such as night photography workshops & experiences, date nights, photo shoots, post processing zoom sessions, as well as share my art with the public.  Astrophotography has always been a passion of mine, and during the pandemic, I decided to make it my full time business.  The beauty of the night, along with the majesty of the mountains makes astrophotography a unique way to connect with nature, creativity, and curiosity.  It’s become a mindful and therapeutic practice that has benefited me tremendously, so I decided to share this passion with the world.  I take folks out in the mountains at night and teach them how to take pictures of their own or provide photo shoots and date nights where I capture you under the stars. These experiences have not only been fun and inspiring but have connected folks with nature in a unique capacity.  Colorado Astrophotography has recently been named as one of Thrillist’s top 50 experiences in the world, and we have been recognized with Matador Magazine, Voyage Magazine, as well as Shoutout Colorado.   Come experience astrophotography with me and learn how to capture your own light in the dark! You can check out some articles on my business here:

Thrillist: https://www.thrillist.com/travel/nation/tips-for-hiking-at-night-and-star-walking

Shoutout Colorado: https://shoutoutcolorado.com/meet-maggie-martin-astrophotographer-extraordinaire/

Voyage Denver: http://voyagedenver.com/interview/conversations-with-maggie-martin/

Thrillist: https://www.thrillist.com/travel/denver/colorado-astrophotography-take-pictures-of-the-stars

Colorado Astrophotography respects the environment and undergoes Leave No Trace Certifications as well as routine CPR and First Aid training.  We are fully permitted by the National Forest Service to operate business.  We hold commercial vehicle insurance to transport customers as well as required General Liability business insurance.  We insure all equipment in case of accidents.

About the art:  Astrophotography came to me during a huge healing transformation in my life.  It became a therapeutic mindfulness practice.  The long exposure taught me to quiet my mind and learn to meditate, and just be present with the beauty that surrounds me.  Being in the cold, alone at night puts me right in my body and heightens my awareness.  The set up and composition of the works put me in a flow state cultivating my creativity and curiosity.  Astrophotography has taught me how to capture light in the dark- both literally and metaphorically.  Many of my pieces are connected to a meditation or an intention behind them.  All art is available for purchase at our shop.  I hope you enjoy!

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